01 June 2018

# 8 (of 50): "When Gratitude Descends into Entitlement (Don't Let It!) [Cancer / Addiction / Recovery / Emergence]"

"The person to whom good fortune is unnecessary is more blessed than the person who has it in his grasp." - Seneca, Letters 9.5
Given everything, earning nothing, surely we do not blame a child in swaddling clothes for declaring its wants and needs in cries and tears. But babies grow up and responsibilities are grown into. A temper tantrum could easily evolve into a sense of entitlement years down the road.
I believe gratitude can be taught because I learned all about it in my recovery from alcohol and other drugs.  One of my favorite examples of an "Attitude of Gratitude" is briefly mentioned in literature from Alcoholics Anonymous and is also one of my favorite scenes from the movie, "Zorba the Greek" which in my memory plays out something like this: Zorba sees an old man planting a seedling for a tree that will surely never bear fruit in the old man's lifetime. Perceiving this, Zorba inquires why he would bothered, the old man replies that he chooses to live each day as if he will never die. Floored, Zorba replies that he has always lived as if he could die at any moment. These stark contrasts in daily living clearly shows how "One Day at a Time" means vastly different things to different people. Obviously, I veer closer to the old man's perspective (at this point, by my interpretations, Zorba's world had taken a seismic shift through this experience, and, frankly, this small scene rocked my world! 
I am planting this post on the internet today, not knowing how distant in time and place that my planted seed of Gratitude my blossom and flower in a reader's heart.
In the Rooms of Recovery for Alcoholism and Other Addictions, in time, one will eventually hear something along the lines of "Sobriety is a Gift, Recovery is Earned." I would like to add here that Gratitude is a Two-Way Street, part Gift, part Earned. It is abundance on the smallest and grandest scales. Gratitude is thriving, most fully alive, fully present, fully accountable. It is a choice. It is not owed you, but you certainly owe it to yourself.
Entitlement? Those days are long gone for me, gone the way of the horse and buggy. Gratitude, older than the Mystics, Sweet Mystery, Sweet Desire, Gratitude is the fulfillment of this very moment.  
Entitlement? Forget about it! 
Recovery, whatever you're recovering from, Cancer, Addiction, Someone Else or Yourself, Entitlement will not free your shackles! 
Gratitude is the surest path to follow! Taken from by book, I remind myself (daily, Zorba, daily!) that "nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober, everything matters more"!
Ditto on Gratitude! 
If and when you feel Entitlement rear its ugly head, rise up, count your blessings! They are numerable, innumerable and infinite! 
This is the 8th of 50 posts on #Recovery from #Addiction, #Alcoholism and #Cancer

QUICK INTRODUCTION TO THIS SERIES OF 50 POSTS: I am Alcoholic with 13+ yrs. of Continuous Sobriety after an 8 year period of Chronic and Perpetual Relapse. Now, leading a Solid & Joyous Life in Recovery, I Face Cancer & Cancer Recovery.
These 50 Posts are a tool in my Recovery from ALL OF THE ABOVE!
I AM A TOOL! (I've been called worse, in my drinking career, and as recently as yesterday.)

Strive on!
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