15 June 2018

A Summary of the First Fifteen #Cancer #Addiction #Recovery #Emergence Posts

1. "REVERSE X-Ray Vision STRIPPED by Chemo & RADIATION Therapy" (a tongue-in-cheek introduction, of sorts)
2. "Increase Alcohol Use with Prescription Medicine" (one of many ways I used to think when in the drink)
3. "CANCER SURVIVOR GUEST POST"  (inspiration through connection with others like me - Thanks, Kathy!)
4. "From the Ridiculous to the Sublime" ("New Beginnings Are Often Disguised as Painful Endings." - Lao Tzu... expanded here)
5. "The Mystery of the Pulsating Cancer Mask Revealed!" (take a gander!)
6. "Lies & Doubts, Cancer & Recovery, Alcoholism & Addiction" (crippling uncertainties)
7. "Cancer Reinforces My Recovery from Addiction & Alcoholism" (& Vice Versa)
8. "When Gratitude Descends into Entitlement " (don't think it doesn't happen)
9. "Virtuous Cycles of Recovery" (from Cancer / from Alcoholism / from Addiction)
10. "Cancer Stigma / Addiction Stigma / Stigma Schmigma!" (humor heals)
11. "Only Because My Cancer Spread Was It Discovered!" (imagine that!)
12. "Cancer / Addiction / Recovery / Emergence: Week 3, Day 4, TAKE 5!" (counter, clockwise!)
13. "CANCER Fear / ADDICTION Fear / RECOVERY Fear" (be fearless, read it here!)
14. "Fighting Fear, Surrendering to Fear, Surmounting Fear" (likely the lump in my throat is not the same as yours)
15. "Sober Counting, Cancer Counting & Counting on Others" (count on me to write all 50 promised posts, feel free to share, each and all. TYVM)

The 1st 15 (of 50) #Cancer #Addiction #Recovery #Emergence posts are on the link provided here (Reverse Chronological Order): https://alldrinkingaside.blogspot.com
(If you're already on the All Drinking Aside Blog page, consider this link part of my Ridiculousness!)
#SurviveAddiction #SurviveCancer #SurviveYourself
Finally, whether it be Cancer, Addiction, Alcoholism, Recovery or All of the Above,
"Hear Ye, Hear Ye... Read All About it, Wherever, Whenever, However!
You may also wish to Explore ALL DRINKING ASIDE: The Destruction, Deconstruction & Reconstruction of an Alcoholic Animal, by the same author:

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TAKE C.A.R.E. [Cancer / Addiction / Recovery / Emergence]!!!

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