07 June 2018

# 12 (of 50): "Cancer / Addiction / Recovery / Emergence: Week 3, Day 4, TAKE 5!"

I'd have to call my way of passing time during my 15-minute radiation treatment "Spiral Ham Meditation" because that's about the easiest analogy I can think of at this moment to describe it to you. Picture a Festive Spiral-Sliced Ham on your dining room table. Now replace the table with the slab you find yourself horizontal upon while the custom-made cancer mask is fit over your face and upper torso. You are now the ham. To pass the time while you are supra-positioned in place, with radiation's laser-like precision aimed at any and all cancerous spots, let meditation take over. Start with your toes and slow as molasses, work your way to the ankles, calves, knees, thighs, etc., in slivers. The ham analogy is a visual aid for your mind's slow ascent to the top of your head.
Not that I intended it to be a 15-minute journey from tip of toes to top of head, but that's just how it worked out, conveniently. The radiation treatments have reinforced the rewards gained by practicing a daily meditation regimen.
When the mind wanders away from this guided meditation, gently place any extraneous thoughts upon a leaf floating slowly downstream in your mind and refocus your loosened attention back on whatever part of your meditation journey that your outside and inside thoughts have been distracted by.

After over a dozen radiation treatments, today (Week 3, Day 4) I opened my eyes for the very first time, having had no clear idea the the radiation equipment actually WAS spiraling around me. 
Ham again. 
Third, and final ham reference: In an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting you'll occasionally hear someone utter that "Only Hams are Cured!" which applies equally to addiction and cancer, as I understand I will likely be retested for cancer all my live-long days.
Addiction Recovery and Cancer Recovery are both time-consuming processes. The patience I had to acquire in overcoming my alcoholism has come in handily in my cancer progress. Knowledge accumulates. That's why I have to sometimes place such extraneous thoughts on the leaves drifting by in my mind's eye.
"Everybody's Recovering from Something."
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