05 May 2018

"... sex with a virgin is a sure cure for AIDS... " and Alcohol... ?

"At one time (for real, for real) it was believed by many that sex with a virgin is a sure cure for AIDS, or so some such rumors spread. Turned out that it didn't stop AIDS. Didn't cure AIDS. But it did do one hell of a job of spreading AIDS. And fear. And violence against women. 'Here, this will cure what ails you,' the bartender says. Turns out drinking alcohol will not cure an alcoholic.
"Today I must insist on abstinence. A drink would be violence against myself. (Why doesn't he just stop?")
Stigma thrives on ignorance and spreads like wildfire.
Change is slow and progressive like the addictions it replaces.
Life is good. The fire from within sustains me. Shared courage strengthens me.
"Nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober everything matters more."
My life is better without the drink. Simple (after a million permutations).
Live and learn. I did not drink today.

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