01 May 2018

"A Jigsaw / Zigzag, Twisted and Oddly Comforting" Relationship with My Past

"It is so easy for me to become estranged from my past. After all, the person I had become could never be my friend today. I would find him intolerable, active in his disease. As manipulative and conniving as I was in my drunkenness then, surrounded by enablers (blame them, Jim, blame them), today I would not, could not be fooled. Today." - Ch. 65, "Phantom Toes Wiggling," All Drinking Aside  ( http://amzn.to/1bX6JyO )

13+ years without a drink later, the greater distance separating me from who I was then gives me a jigsaw / zigzag, twisted and oddly comforting mix of emotions. 

Now, my task, your task, the task of Shared Courage and Shared Recovery is thoughtfully pictured. Sometimes the Silence of Experience Helps Heal Wounds that Time Itself seems at times unable to. 

Peace out.

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