23 April 2018

The Nerd in me, the Yearn in me, wants MORE than A.A. offers

Others may not have found it so, but one aspect of A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) that has been consistently a thorn in my side is expressed here:
"One persistent complaint I have about my 12-step meetings is a very anti-intellectual mindset so prevalent there. 'Don't think. Don't drink. Go to meetings.' That's a commonly heard anthem. Religion is talked about in a roundabout 'spirituality' kind of way. Psychiatry and the medical community are not wholly admonished. But at no 12-step meeting have I ever heard anyone recommending going to a library to learn from a book about this disease called alcoholism.
"Knowledge may not keep you sober, but ignorance most certainly may keep you drunk.
"Done. Another burden has been lifted."
Having written an Autobiographical Fiction about my descent into alcoholism and continuing recovery has been looked at as a Mortal Sin by many of the stalwarts in the recovering communities.
A.A. to the omission of all else has not ever been my way. The nerd in me, the yearn in me, the seeking of evidence and support from the worlds of art and science are part of my cloth before, during and after my addictions.
A.A. has been vital to my recovery, but never my one and only source.
A.A. may be the only way for many, perhaps for most, but for me, never was, never will be.
To each, their own.

"Nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober everything matters more."
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