22 April 2018

"Pause When Agitated"? GOOD.... Better... ? Pause... When... NOT Agitated!

Time and again I've heard the advice, "Pause when agitated."
That makes much sense.
Prevent what reaction you might later be sorry you blurted out.
But pause when NOT agitated also makes sense. Preemptive sense. Lifestyle-changing sense. Meditation is the pause I'm referring to here. Pause, in meditation, in practice, in repetition, in calming. Calming that helps you open the doors to a new and better you. Contemplative, rather than explosive. Sober, rather than the bad side of unpredictable.
Meditate on meditation, if it comes to that.
But do.
It works when you don't work it (If you know what I mean). 
Meditation, the medication of presence of mind. 
Prescriptions filled in the renewable NOW.
"Pause When Agitated"? 
Pause When NOT Agitated!
Pause.... Pause....
... Applause.

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