02 April 2018

My Bleeding Edge (Recovery from Addiction meets Cancer)

Coming up on 14 years of continuous sobriety, today, my diagnosis of throat cancer has been confirmed.
One progressive affliction (addiction) meets another (cancer).
Thankfully, there has been another flourishing progression to connect this daisy chain of events.
That progression is my ongoing recovery from addiction.
Were I never sober, I can assure you that I'd already be dead and my earlier death would have preempted this cancer diagnosis.
Chemo and radiation are in my near future and surgery has not been yet ruled out.
Drinking has been ruled out.
Relapse has been ruled out.
Recovery rules.
P.S. Work on the follow up to my autobiographical fiction, All Drinking Aside, has slowed to a near stop while I catch my breath. Until I cross this hurdle, my posts from this point forward will likely be repeats and less frequent.
P.P.S. I am at peace with all of this. Recovery has been remarkable. Thank you.

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