16 January 2017

"Separated from the Pack, the Chances of Survival Diminish."

As odd as this may sound, one of the fictional characters in my book express it better than I could (at least better than I remembered):
(Surimi): Gentlemen, we are pack animals, like wolves. Separated from the pack, the chances of survival diminish. Alcoholism is this disease of separation. The alcoholic needs alcohol to the exclusion of all else. Recovery is largely about rejoining the human race. Connecting with self, reconnecting with self. Connecting with others, reconnecting. Overcoming alcoholism, the Great Excluder....
"This disease of separation" - that's gut-wrenching to me now. It's easy for me to forget how bad I got, how much it hurt. In my early sobriety and after several relapses, I finally realized the importance of others. Most, if not all my inspirations, come from others, in recovery meetings, on-line and in person. Today, the inspirations of others are a real source of joy, but learning that was a stubborn lesson back then. Camaraderie. There. I said it!
Here's how I'd phrased it, almost apologetically, a few short years ago:
"The loneliness of an alcoholic death. That's what many of my recollections boil down to. Is it too early to be this honest? Reciprocity is keeping me sober. Sharing with another alcoholic. It really is that simple. I used to drown the loneliness caused by alcohol with (what  else?) more alcohol. Solitude seemed an impossibility when a bottle of booze sat next to me.... Loneliness, inescapable. Solitude, unattainable. Sobriety, unimaginable.
That was then, but now my life is changing."
The loneliness of an alcoholic death....
Don't go back out there. There's nothing there. Not even you.

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The passage spoken by Surimi and those in quotes are from All Drinking Aside. 
Hopefully this post will serve as a bridge, a window and a door 
to what you will find there....

All Drinking Aside: The Destruction, Deconstruction & Reconstruction
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