19 January 2017

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"I don't think we get more alcoholic. I think it just shows more as time goes on."
- Chuck "C"

One of 180 Famous, Infamous and Anonymous Quotes 
within the 90 Chapters of All Drinking Aside
How else might you benefit from reading All Drinking Aside? 
You will come to clearly understand and feel addiction from the inside out. You will stop asking why he or she doesn't just stop drinking. You will feel and understand the feeling of picking up a drink despite negative consequences. And if you are an alcoholic or addict you will benefit by knowing that how you feel and what you think, despite how alone you have become, is not uncommon. You are not alone. Hopefully I have expressed for you what you want those around you to learn. If you are an alcoholic you will want to read this book. If you are not an alcoholic you will want to read this book.
From Chapter One: "Jim is clever, deceptive, annoying, disturbed.... [Be] careful with what you think you see and hear. Jim has constructed and destructed mirrors everywhere and they may not be mirrors of himself. And should he hold up a mirror to show you your reflection, he may deceive you. He may wish to make his thoughts seem that they are yours. You are... rubbernecking the train wreck of Jim's life, rubbernecking. He will survive this or he will die from this. Here his story ends and here, too, his story begins." 
Also in Chapter One: "If the label on the bottle of pharmaceuticals (prescription or over the counter) read 'Don't take with alcohol,' you'd better believe that I couldn't wait to see what kind of idle threat that was, hoping, of course, that the effect would make me glad I didn't listen. The hope was always there for a new and better high."
280+ pages follow. 

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All Drinking Aside: The Destruction, Deconstruction & 
Reconstruction of an Alcoholic Animal 
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