20 January 2017

P.T.S.D. (Peace, Tranquility & Serenity-Desire)

We are all seekers in one fashion or another, alcoholics and addicts more so than others, so I've heard. After the struggle with addictions, sobriety brings with it the desire for calmer waters. Chaos rules in active addiction, no matter the drug. The unintended consequences of having to have the next hit, shot or rush is the broken road which leads to recovery, a road littered with corpses. Peace, tranquility, serenity. Were I not an alcoholic, could this P.T.S.D. (Peace, Tranquility & Serenity-Desire) have been predicted? Certainly, not by me! But I do remember...
"My Grandmother sits counting her rosary beads. I am ten years old. She whispers a prayer in Latin as each bead slowly moves on.
She appears calm in my memory. The light appears to pour out of her as easily as it falls upon her. Her breath is quiet. Her voice is low and calm. There is a unison of sensations going on. Sight is sound is smell is touch. The pause between her inhaling and exhaling lies in some state of eternal evaporation.
Watching her calms me.
She could not translate into English a single sound of Latin that she had memorized. The sounds took her out of herself...."
I am not making light of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder here, in fact, I liken the parallel symptoms of hitting bottom in my alcoholism closely akin to PTSD. 
Part of my sense in being an effective writer is to describe things in such a way that each reader is left to fill in the blanks with their own experience. Let me end simply here....
... Meditate or Medicate?
P.T.S.D.: Please, Thank-you, Sincerely, Decide!

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The short passage in quotes, above, is from All Drinking Aside. 
I'm in hope that this post will serve as a bridge, a window and a door 
to what you will find there and how my recovery was uncovered....
All Drinking Aside: The Destruction, Deconstruction & Reconstruction
of an Alcoholic Animal by Jim Anders is linked here: 

Find his recovery Tweets here: 

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