16 January 2017

Many are NOT On Niume but ARE In Recovery

If you have any or many friends/relatives/associates who are not on Niume, but are in Recovery (or know someone who is), they might appreciate if you would copy and paste this post and email it to them (particularly the  links at the bottom).
You might also wish to catch up on posts you missed here or to re-read those you particularly liked, including:

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 2. Self-Discovery Obliterated

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 4. She, a Storehouse for Future Epiphanies

 5. Sippy Cup Drunk... NO Chaser

 6. High-Functioning Alcoholic?

 7. Responsibility Set Me Free...

 8. I Wore a Plastic Patient's I.D. Bracelet for 3 Months


10. The Caramel of My Addiction

11. Memory Morphing... Morphine... More, Fiend... more...

12. Death Expectations / Recovery Realizations

13. 12+ Links to Recovery Articles, Blogs, Books, Reviews & More!

14. "Inject Me Slowly, Truth"

15. 10 Recovery Tweets from August Remembered

16. What is After "The Drinking Life"?*

17. The Insanity of Alcoholism... Relapse

18. Scratch the Surface Until the Truth Runs Clear

19. Flying Rivers of Hope

20. The Drunken Fox & The Grapes of Sobriety

21. The Tomb of the Anonymous Addict

22. PTSD: Do Not Forget a Soldier's Heart

23. Doubt (& no doubt) in Addiction (& Recovery)

24. Wallpaper Relapse: When Healing Papers-Over... the Horror...


Explore the flavor and texture of my writing style on my Niume Recovery Posts here:  https://goo.gl/JjJ0I3
Copy & paste in e-mails to those NOT on Niume but who ARE in Recovery (or know someone who is), plus: http://alldrinkingaside.blogspot.com

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