18 January 2017

A Prescription for Alcohol???

Dr. Jim (that's me) prescribed alcohol for every symptom in the world, in that world I lived in for all those 30-odd years. It seemed that alcohol would make anything better... until it made everything worse. 
If my prescription for alcohol had been in pill form, that little prescription bottle would have had a label with this warning attached:
WARNING: Side Effects may include Denial, Anger, Fear, Depression, Self-Pity, Doubt. Occasional Hospital, Detox and Rehab visits may occur. Discontinue use if Chronic Chemical Dependency Swallows You after You Swallow It. After you put All Drinking Aside, remember...
ENDLESS REFILLS is actually how the cookie crumbled, until I was unrecognizable on the kitchen floor, in the gutter or in a hospital bed. I once loved the effects of alcohol, but it was these undesired side-effects and negative consequences that did me in.
Continued use despite catastrophic consequences. I was a textbook case. Diagnosis: Alcoholic.
My Twitter post today concluded, "Die or stop was the last house on my block." I almost did die, several times, in fact. After several relapses, recovery became my home, my last house on the block.
Others are free to drink as much alcohol as they wish. They are free.
There is no freedom in alcohol for me. Freedom for me is in the infinite possibilities of recovery.
Home, at last.

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