07 December 2016

10 Recovery Posts (Something for Everyone / Concise, Clear, Inspiring)

 1. "Can this Alcoholic in Recovery be Trained to Become a Social Drinker?"

 2. "The punishment for addiction is time served."

 3. "CONTROL: Desire, Illusion & Loss"

 4. "A knife, intended for his throat: the unintended consequences..."

 5. "not THAT A.D.D...., THIS one...."

 6. "The Autumn Leaves Turn Over Themselves"

 7. "Recovery Express?"

 8. "Altered States of Consciousness"

 9. "Insanity's Bouquet"

10. "The 12 Recovery Quotes Quiz that Nobody Aced (including me)!"

(Delve into these 10 short Recovery Posts on one page - click on the blue link here):

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