10 November 2016

"Whoa" means nothing to a Swedish horse.

(Stacy at onesentence dot org)
Below is my reaction to Stacy's statement -


There is a certain internal logic to the Language of Addiction.
"Would you like one for the road?" certainly means have so many more that you won't be able to find your way home and won't know where you are when you wake up.
"I suppose one more certainly can't hurt" means better make it a double.
And the next day, when you finally find your way home, "I'll never do it again, I promise" means you will do it again and probably the very next night.
The world thinks you're having your way, but really, addiction is having its way with you.
You know, of course, exactly what I mean because you know "'Whoa' means nothing to a Swedish horse" or a lush like me, if you are much like me.
Disgust, contempt, hatred all around. Internal, external and in between.
I lost count how many times I hated myself. No clue that it was alcohol I hated. Hated what it did to me. Hated that I could not do without.

The Logic of Addiction is Insanity upon the back of a runaway Swedish horse.

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