15 November 2016

Shall We Call This One "Alcoholics Ironic"?

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender queries, "Hey, Fella, why the long face?

This short joke, which I particularly like, reminds me of speculation about addiction's role in loss of humor in general and lack of empathy in particular.
It has been suggested by some that alcoholics and addicts have less empathy than the population-at-large partly due to the fact that their focus is on the next drink or drug and away from connecting emotionally with others in the present.

Doesn't the bartender realize he's about to serve a drink to a horse?
Is the bartender an alcoholic who has severed his connection with reality?
Can a horse drink like a fish?

This joke leaves these and other questions unresolved, leaving the humor to be found in the mind of the one told it. Isn't it ironic?


"Christ, when I was drinking, I couldn't remember anyone's name because I was always drunk. But now that I'm sober, it seems everyone wants to remain anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous! Now, there's an irony. Wanting to remain anonymous sober and not being able to remember anyone's name when drunk!..."


THAT IS ironic! 
Seriously, folks, I did lose my sense of humor as my life in active addiction dissolved in front of me. 
I had a long face.
The joke is on addiction. The laughter is in recovery.


If you got this far after I cracked my "a horse walks into a bar" joke, I hope you at least cracked a smile.
Have a Good :-) Day, Y'All!

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