18 October 2016

The Culture of Addiction

People, places and things. Not only am I an alcoholic, but I am also part and parcel of the culture of addiction. More than alcohol would have to go were I ever to stay sober. Part of who I was lived in the thoughts of those around me. Some people can remain sober when their spouse still lives in their addiction. Some, other alcoholics in recovery, can tend bar in sobriety. I did it for one year and it was the culture of addiction I was surrounded by which was my downfall finally. One day a drink found its way into my hands and I drank it without thought. That was that and several years went by, drinking, drinking, progressing and progressing, backwards, downwards and out.
So much for people, places and things for me. So much more time lost, tossed, apple-sauced.

from All Drinking Aside
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